White Plumage

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White Plumage is the sublime impalpability of a feeling that emerges. The ephemeral boundary between the woody notes, white and precious, blends with ancient mystical scent resins creating a bond with one’s sensible Ego.


Voluptuous enveloping opens this perfume with white flower and coffee accords; an embrace that later reveals an unusual rigor of intention, scaned to the rhythm of aloe, juniper and cedar of Virginia notes.


The Mysore sandalwood, white musk and milky notes, enhance the sensuality of the “sillage” with modern traces that, even though conferring sophisticated tones, maintain lightness.


Oriental, Woody, Musky


Head notes:

Incense, Juniper, 
Cypress, Orange


Heart notes:

Coffee Beans, Sandalwood, 
Aloe Wood, Cedarwood


Base notes:

White Musk, 
Milk Cream