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An emotional melting pot…
Two fragrances to enhance the exchange between two mentalities, two worlds to discover, two facets to share, to satisfy a range even larger and more heterogeneous of people who had already appreciated VESPRI ESPERIDATI.
From citrusy base of Vespri Esperidati, we become one in two different roles, playing and experimenting as we have always loved to do, to decline the initial scent in a more charming and magnetic personality for ORIENTALE and in another one more Mediterranean and fresh for AROMATICO.
The sea-salty flavor aromatic smells waking with the wind after a summer storm on the coast of the Riviera. This is our soul genetic code,  tied to the nature of the Mediterranean nature, our Westernness who loves little details and little vices. Vespri Aromatico collects this heritage to share it with those who can appreciate 

Citrus Aromatic

Top Notes:
Bergamot,Lemon Sicily, Fennel, Green Notes

Heart Notes:
Criste Marine, Rosemary, Juniper Berries, Géranium

Base Notes:
Sandal - Cedar, Tonka Bean, Cashmere, Musks, Moss