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The wide horizon leaves the mind free to wonder in any direction. The water is now clear and calm, a prelude to a journey that begins under the best auspices. There’s only one rule on this route: upholding purity. With intent and soul. Because that’s the only way anyone can sustain the world and not get weary.

Sustinet nec fatiscit. This is the motto of Atlas, and is the same one imprinted in the emblem of Gritti Venetia. He controls energy and is disruptive in his power. The rugged, crisp notes as you open the bottle glide over the softness of the magnolia.
Fruity and rich musks await patiently: everything is perfectly balanced.

Head Note: Crunchy Green Apple, Pink Pepper, Sweet Lemon, Peony

Heart Note: Magnolia, Petitgrain, Lily of the Valley, Pelargonium

Base Note: Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Fruity Musks, Ambrette

Extrait de Parfume

100 ml Spray