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Exhale. The time stands still, evanished. Feel these thoughts dissolving,
images are smearing; only light remains. Find a foothold, a line in the sand,
turn around; discover a new self.

Jacqueline is a story of introspection, a story of seeking and finding oneself, the art of changing and of enchantment — a feminine art. A soft, abstract green almond accord enlaces the skin and opens the way to pastel floral shades of lavender, freesia, and violet leaves. The dream dissolves, leaving the discreet musky-vanilla trail, warmed by the warmth of tonka beans.

Floral Fruity Gourmand

Eau de Parfum

100 ml


Top Note:
Almond, Mate, Green, Accord

Heart Note:
Lavender,Freesia, Violet Leaves

Base Note:
Tonka Beans, Vanilla, Musk