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Eagles and falcons are the messengers of the nature spirits, messengers of creation. Always victorious, the raptor grabs its power from the solar ray. That magical power is reflected in the royal flight of the falcon and in its piercing gaze while hunting its preys. The animal fascinates everyone, the falcon was the protector god in ancient Egypt and a solar symbol for the Incas. The perfume is addictive , and intoxicating as if one is blinded by the sun, while comforting through the sheer majesty of the animal.

From the first notes, the fragrance/bouquet will transport you into a fairy and prestigious world. The Davana essential oil from India gives a first impression of sophisticated/refined fruity sweet wine in the top note, with animalic Cistus branch resins harvested from the Mediterranean mountains. Roses and Spanish immortal flowers in the middle note, both known for their continuous blooming and thereby dedicated to the sun, connect the fragrance to the Greek god Apollo and the Roman goddess Minerva to symbolize eternity. To go through time, that invisible energy was captured in the base note by Peru balsam essential oil. Its mild balsamic note harmonizes and balances the perfume with warm and smoked notes, with its animalic and wooded facets.

Feel the originality of the signature, try to picture its internal representation into the sensory memory. Formulate questions about yourself by decrypting the essential messages. Skillful hunter and far-seeing, the spirit of the falcon will allow you to be open-minded while remaining self-critical, you elevate yourself by taking a step back and will learn to become infinitely clairvoyant and vivacious. Seize that new life energy and transport yourself into that magical world. This divine cocktail opens a strong connection between you and the spirit, a greater spiritual consciousness.
70 ML - 2.4 FL.OZ





Top Notes: Indian davana, Cistus

Heart Notes: Rose, Atlas cedar, Spanish immortelle absolute

Base Notes: Amber, Benzoin, Indonesian patchouli