art 09 • Karo Karounde

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A sensual, exotic, white flowers bouquet made with a high percentage of natural floral essences, jasmine, tuberose, osmanthus, narcisse, ylang ylang, orange flower, interwoven around the beautiful and mysterious karo karounde flower. It starts with an intoxicating mixture of gustative fruity notes combined with delicious notes of cacao embracing the rich flowers bouquet. Precious sandalwood, natural vanilla absolute and velvety musky notes deliver a sense of femininity, seduction, and sensuality generating a memorable and lingering finish.


Karo Karounde 


Eau de Parfum

50ml -1,7 fl.oz.


Top note     
Pineapple, Strawberry, Black Currant

Heart note     
Karo Karounde, Orchid, Ylang Ylang

Base note     
Vanilla, Ambergris, Vetiver