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“A sunny forest surrounds you, the wind brings the smell of hot tree barks and resins. You step off the swimming pool, still having its smell on your skin and you walk into the deep of the sun drenched forest with flowers in your hair... Another beautiful fragrance by Ramon Molvizar. Airy, earthy, flowery, woody. Very well balanced. My compliments!”

Ramon Molvizar 4 Elements

“This is such a breathtaking and magical perfume. Intense exquisite aromas of delicious apricot blending well with a beautifully elegant rose, then chocolate seduces its way into my heart while there is an subtle undertone of velvety-soft suede and warm vanilla. A richly layered fragrance with impeccable presentation. Fantastic addition to my collection.”

Ramon Molvizar Art & Gold

“Very niche, so very rare, so different from all others in my collection, that wearing it lifts my spirits and brightens my mindset. Pepper and amber and dark, dried fruits and incense, this is a masterpiece to be enjoyed when you want a complex aroma of sophisticated scents suited for the man of success.”

Ramon Molvizar Black Cube - Fragrantica